K2 for Coca-Cola League.

3,000 matches, in which 14,000 goals were scored, have already been played in Coca-Cola League which is a virtual FIFA’08 football league. This electronic sports tournament has been organized for Coca-Cola Poland Services in co-operation with Electronic Sports League, Poznań Game Arena and K2 Internet S.A. and it enjoys tremendous popularity.

New players can still join in at A special ESL game platform has been created to cater for the needs of the games. It makes it possible for the fans of e-sport to compete in the league contests, accumulate points and climb to the top of rankings. But most importantly, it brings a lot of fun for players from all around Poland. The best of them will face each other during the grand final which will be held this year on November 24 at Poznań Game Arena.

The winners will receive attractive awards.

“Our commitment to the gaming through the creation of Coca-Cola League goes hand in hand with the idea of Coca-Cola brand - we inspire young people to develop their own talents and make fair play competition possible", says Wojtek Dubasiewicz, junior brand manager at Coca-Cola.

E-sport, which takes advantage of both the development of computer games and fast Internet connection, has recently become the most significant area of the entertainment industry. It has already become an official sport in several countries, such as Sweden, Russia and South Korea. According to estimates, tens of millions of people compete on the web. PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that the development rate of the video games market in Europe would reach 20% a year in 2008 which makes it the leader among fourteen branches of media and entertainment industry. This means that e-sport fans are becoming a more and more attractive target group, also for marketing actions.

„Electronic sport can release as many emotions as traditional sport. Championship requires skills and training and being a fan is truly fascinating – this makes me positive that soon many marketers will offer electronic sports marketing as one of their services", Łukasz Lewandowski, Research and Development Director at K2 Internet S.A. said.