K2 has created a whole new image for the Play portal.

Work on the new portal started in June 2007. The main task that K2 faced was creating a simple to use, transparent and interesting Play portal adapted to the users' every need. Thus a new play portal was created as an updated version of

We devised a new, improved format for our on-line services, the mobile portal and the social networking portal.

Content is presented differently - in a more multimedia and more interactive way which emphasizes perfectly the modern and innovative nature of Play. The colours of the portal also have a meaning. White symbolizes the transparency of the operator's offer, grey shades denote professionalism and technological advancement, violet is there to invigorate and make the whole design attractive and creative.

Users benefit from a unified navigation system throughout the portal. Additional interactive functionalities include support in the selection of a telephone. Owing to a telephone models comparison tool everyone can easily choose the right offer adapted to their needs. The new portal is flexible enough to allow the operator to quickly and easily add more products and services.

- ‘The construction of the Play portal gives us many new possibilities to attractively present our offer. Flexible navigation solutions will offer us freedom to develop further in the future, and universal elements that can be used in other sites of this portal will reduce the costs of the portal expansion and maintenance’ – Stefan Nowak, Portal Solution Manager Play.

It is worth emphasizing that before the execution of the new portal version project began, the K2 team performed a usability study on target groups in order to get to know users’ preferences so they could adapt the portal to clients’ needs.

- “Play clients played a major role in developing the design of this portal. We designed our new solutions in partnership with them. We have given particular attention to usage ergonomics and interactive forms of the content presentation” – says Tomasz Tomczyk, Client Service Director K2.

K2 Internet and Play began collaboration at the beginning of 2006, creating and implementing the portal of a new mobile operator on the Polish market. Additionally, the K2 work also covered graphics creation and the functional design of the online client service system, a mobile portal with gadgets for mobile phones and a social networking portal.

Further expansion of the cooperation between K2 Internet and Play in the area of tactics and image-related activities is planned. K2 will create solutions supplementing the portal’s functions and image.