K2 Internet S.A. agency creates website. website crafted by K2 reflects the market position of the Open Finance company. The site generally aims to build and support the leader’s image of the company on the market of financial advisory services – the most experienced company in Poland and expert on the personal finance.

While designing the website, the authors focused in particular on information management (maintain the user’s interest in the offered services and products) and education (make the user aware of their needs). From a technological point of view, the project required preparation of a highly viewed website with easily editable pages. Thus, to build, K2 brought into play such verified and well-known technological solutions as RedDot. This content management system allowed to generate much faster the basic templates of the pages, as well as it ensured the project’s compliance with W3C standards (XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS 2.1). To a large extent, it uses a modern, non-invasive JavaScript and makes a thoughtful use of AJAX technology facilitating the user’s interaction. On the other hand, dynamic elements has been prepared using PHP 5 platform completed by Zend and Symphony frameworks.

Among many tools utilized by K2 here, there is a number calculators which work out credit and investment conditions, a system to generate the ratings of the most popular financial products and a system to service the news section, both regarding their textual content and multimedia.

“The combination of these solutions resulted in a powerful, highly effective tool with a big scalability potential and guaranteed the achievement of all the goals set up to the website”, says Anna Zielińska, Account Manager from K2 Internet S.A.