K2 Internet Agency incubates creativity at K2 Top of Mind.

The Creative incubator, K2 Top of Mind, has an interest in growing the portfolio of services to be provided by the agency and in supporting the most innovative undertakings accomplished by K2.

The first incubated undertaking is the K2 Motion department – a team developed for the last 1.5 year having full competencies in planning, organising and running any execution within a video - motion area (video sites, feature films, documentaries, animation, special effects, 3D, postproduction) not only for the needs of the Internet.

The first project which emerged through the K2 Top of Mind’s support was “Volvo XC60 – Beauty needs safety” ( The website, which was launched in December, has already been presented with a Kreatura award. The recent projects are the video sites:, and newest

K2 Top of Mind is an internal unit within the agency organisational structure. It is managed by Arek Szulczyński, linked with K2 Internet since 2002, where thus far he was an Account Director responsible for the whole of cooperation with a group of such key Clients as Coca-Cola Poland, Peugeot Polska or Sanitec Koło. At the end of 2008 he took up a role of the Innovation Director at K2 Internet SA.

“K2 Top of Mind is above all a special process inside the agency, which I supervise, capturing the most ground-breaking projects of the agency and resourcing them with additional expertise, people and time. It is K2’s investment in innovation”, explains Arek Szulczyński, Innovation Director in K2 Internet SA.

“The aim is twofold. Firstly, we want K2 to attract the most creative employees related to the interactive market, and secondly, we want to make sure these talented people have appropriate conditions for creative work. In order to achieve this we need to put the innovative projects under a special care. And this is what our creative incubator, K2 Top of Mind, was set up for”, adds Łukasz Lewandowski, Co-managing Director of K2 Internet SA.