K2 Internet S.A. – hosting virtualization thanks to VMWare platform.

K2 Internet S.A. has been granted the status of VMWare Enterprise Partner which confirms the company’s competence and infrastructure necessary to offer hosting services based on virtualization.

Virtualization on the VMWare ESX platform facilitates parallel work of several virtual machines hosting independent operating systems in environment comprising several independent physical servers combined into one common data processing. Such environment, resistant to hardware breakdown, enables isolation of the physical hardware from the operating system which in turn facilitates creation of a fully customized and non interdependent environment of virtual machines operating on the basis of its own hardware designs. Application hosting became much easier and safer thanks to the technology of immediate saving and copying of the operating system status, which, in case of a breakdown, may be transferred on-line onto a different physical server without switching off.

VMWare solutions make server administration easier and faster and at the same time facilitate the use of physical servers to a much larger extent and more precise control over the resources.

„One of the benefits that come from VMWare is a much faster, easier and above all safer access to the client's configuration. All breakdowns will by virtually harmless as we will be able to carry out tests and solve problems of the application’s beta without disturbing the stability of the main environment. Besides, owing to VMWare we will be able to cut costs of our services by means of even more effective and productive use of the hardware we have", says Maciej Kuźniar, IT Operations Manager.

K2 was granted the status of VMWare Enterprise Partner wnbsp; on 2 May 2007. The condition for obtaining the status was employees with relevant licences – VMWare Certified Professional (VCP) and VMWare Sales Professional ( VSP ) certificates.

In combination with highly productive SAN network based on HP matrices, K2 is planning to create advanced hosting platforms for the clients who need very high productivity in a short time, e.g. for the needs of a campaign. The offer is complemented with expanded development and test platforms.