K2 Internet Share Price Range Has Been set up.

The price of the Shares Offered will not exceed PLN 35 per share. The final price of the Shares Offered will be determined after completion of the book-building process and it will be published. The price range for the book-building orders is PLN 25 – PLN 35 per share.

The company plans to offer for acquisition 330.000 H series shares of the new issue. Additionally, the Prospectus specifies the number of A, B, C, D, E and F series shares to be offered by current owners. The final share price will be known on April 9, 2007. The Listing Agent offering the shares of K2 Internet S.A. is Penetrator S.A. Brokerage House. The subscription acceptance periodshall end on April 11, 2008.

‘The funds obtained from the issue of shares will be invested in creating a unique organization running large and innovative interactive projects in the field of marketing, sales and customer service. As opportunities arise, K2 Internet will strive to consolidate the Polish e-marketing sector.’ says Janusz Żebrowski, the President of the Management Board of K2 Internet S.A.

K2 Internet S.A. is a leading company providing innovative marketing, sales, customer service and on-line advertising solutions. During 10 years of its presence on the e-marketing market, this innovative marketing and technology company has become a Polish leader, providing Internet services to leading Polish and international brands, such as: Ikea, Coca-Cola, Nokia, Volvo, Koło, Agora or Play. K2 Internet was granted many prestigious awards for its interactive projects for clients, such as: Złote Orły, Golden Drum Awards, Cresta Awards. The awards are the result of the Company’s strategy focusing on creation of long-term brand-customer relations.

In 2006 the company, as the only one in the sector, obtained the “Microsoft Gold Certified Partner” status, as a token of appreciation for its high competence and implementation of many projects. The co-operation with Microsoft, RedDot (K2 Internet is a certified Advanced Partner of one of the best providers of web content management systems) and other partners is the foundation of the company’s technological competence. Investments in its own data center, technological partners and a well-qualified team allow the company to successfully compete with much larger IT firms in the areas important for its development. K2 Internet S.A. business activity includes two major competence areas:

  • e- marketing – complex service in new media marketing, including dedicated IT solutions, which enable implementation of critical business projects in on-line marketing, sales and customer service, based on Microsoft technology and own infrastructure.
  • new media – ACR S.A., belonging to the K2 Internet S.A. Group is an independent advertising agency specializing in interactive media.

The Polish market, on which K2 Internet S.A. operates, is growing fast. The growth will continue for at least a few years, all the more so, because the market is still in its crystallization phase, that is, before consolidation. For example: the Polish on-line advertising market, a part of which is the interactive services market on which the Company operates, reported an over 40% growth last year (K2 estimates) and a 55% increase in 2006. The tendencies observed in the Western Europe and the USA imply that the growth trend will continue and the new media will replace the traditional ones even more extensively.

The major shareholders of K2 Internet S.A. are the company’s founders and bmp AG venture capital fund. After the first six months of 2007 the Company’s revenues approached PLN 11 million (69% growth versus the previous year) and the net profit equaled PLN 0.7 million (6% increase). The number of K2 Group employees and co-operators exceeds 150 people. K2 Internet S.A. shareholders are not only the Members of the Management Board but also the employees, as they are the ones, who decide about the company’s face.