K2 invests in Brainshop U-boot.

By investing in Brainshop U-boot, K2 gains the competences and experience to execute the projects which utterly go beyond the traditional Internet communication. The common goal is to build a new model of marketing services with the use of all communications channels available on the market, both off- an on-line.

As a result of the capital increase, K2 Internet took over 50% of shares in the Brainshop U-boot company, and its founders and shareholders, Maciej Obuchowicz and Wojciech Błaszczyk, will share the remaining 50% between them. Janusz Żebrowski (the President of the K2 Internet S.A.) joined the Company’s Management Board. The acquired funds will allow for investments in the team, offer enlargement and development of new competences. Both parties do not preclude a closer organisation integration in the future, the principles of which will be set out based on the experience gathered during the next 12 months.

Brainshop U-boot and K2 Internet S.A. will remain independent entities to benefit from the organisational support, access to new clients and technologies within the K2 Group. Both companies will closely cooperate in delivering services to the common clients (at present K2 and BU are jointly working for Volvo Auto Polska) and acquiring new budgets (both companies are currently involved in negotiations on common services to be provided for new clients). Work for the clients serviced hitherto will be continued based on the unchanged rules. U-boot is employing 14 people now. Ultimately, the plan is to grow the team up to 20 people at the end of next year.

“As a result of the deal, K2 has now got all the capacities needed to actively fight for the advertising budgets, which gradually aren’t divided anymore into off- and on-line ones. Maciek and Wojtek, joining our structures together with their team, have contributed their long-standing experience, the client base and a reliable brand. For me, the most important, however, is the fact that not only do we share values and beliefs about the market development but also the way to do business”, comments Janusz Zebrowski, President of K2 Internet S.A.

“Nowadays, the consumers do not divide their life into a virtual and a real-life sphere. The interweaving of these dimensions creates a new quality in the mutual interpersonal communication, although, at the level of the essence, the advertising industry continues to treat them separately. And yet, we decided to take a radical step and create something that should have been done long time ago. We have been a step ahead a number of times before; this is our style”, says Wojciech Błaszczyk, Creative Director and Co-founder of BU Agency.

 “So far, we particularly focused on generating high-quality services; therefore, we were afraid that much faster growth of the company would directly affect the level of our projects. It seems, however, that with such a partner as K2 the risk will be minimal. We believe that a new era is coming, not only for our agencies but for the entire market. And we will be systematically sharing our experience”, added Maciej Obuchowicz, Strategy Director and Co-founder of BU agency.