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Dieting, fashion, cooking recipes, cosmetics … seems like nothing new. However, the new women’s portal being a web equivalent of a high-class women’s magazine is a breakthrough on the on-line media market. In the Republic of Women, women write, advise, comment, support, opinion and recommend being creators and co-editors of the portal’s content. Regardless of who they are and what they do, they are all equal. It is a portal where they feel at home.

functional innovation portal has been designed by the consultants from K2 Internet SA and the team of the Republic of Women. The works took several months and included multi-stage research of women. The portal has a number of innovative and unique solutions such as, for instance, product recommending, 5 types of forums allowing for some innovative ways of holding discussions, the website architecture built around a few hundreds of topics, so-called theme centres, dynamic navigations, rankings, interactive articles and other. Moreover, the portal stands out with its design, photo-edition and female video – currently there are about 700 video files with interviews and trainings.

The portal’s target group are women seeking practical information on women’s subjects on the Web – women who are modern, liberated, slightly egoist, taking care of themselves. Another group of users are the viewers of the women TV show called Mała Czarna. All episodes of the show remade into shorter Internet formats constitute the content of

strong back-office

The project has been an investment of bmp Media Investors, a venture capital fund being part of the bmp Group and known in Europe for its Internet investments such as and K2 Internet. The Republic of Women is a unique project in Poland to be focused on such a scale on building a professional portal for women, aiming to be a Polish counterpart of such European and worldwide leaders as and

“We refer to ourselves as the First Women Portal, as so far in Poland there hasn’t been any independent and all-embracing portal for women like the American or French”,
adds Michał Lach.

The portal has been built and developed by K2 Internet SA. From the editorial side, it is run by Katarzyna Montgomery, former long-time editor-in-chief of VIVA magazine, and a dozen or so members of the editorial team preparing content and texts for the needs of the Portal.

snowballing audience was launched on 15 December 2008 and already until the end of 2008 nearly 170 thousand Internet users visited the site. In January 2009, this number grew up to 240 thousand viewers, and in February about 500 thousand visits are expected.

advertising innovation does not sell any ‘traditional’ banner advertising. The website is completely clean and free from advertising and taking into account its quality it is a perfect place (advertising context) for branding campaigns devoted to women. is offering the whole website to let for a period of one week up to one month to a powerful brand willing to build a strong permanent relationship with the target group within a given time.

“Hence, the available forms are endless. We can do anything that isn’t intrusive and doesn’t impede the objectivism of editorial texts. Ideally, this would be a combination of advertising, sponsorship, product placement and PR. We also strongly bet on the product placement, which can – if skilfully used – help our users, but it also gives the marketers a particularly robust influence opportunities. For instance, in the topic centre ‘Dry Skin’, Vichy could very effectively position its product Inneov, while for example Cin&Cin could appear in our very popular animations presenting sex positions. To sum up, we guarantee diverse, distinctive and multiple contacts with the brand in an exceptional advertising context”, says Michał Lach, the President of the Republic of Women.