K2 Media starts its activities - new media agency in K2 Group which replaces ACR

K2 Media ( started its activities in April 2013. The agency is headed by Rafał Ciszewski and Marcin Siekierski who are jointly responsible for determining directions of the brand development.

Rafał Ciszewski joined the management board of K2 Group in December 2012, following his 12-year work for Starcom agency, one of the biggest media houses in Poland, where he was a Vice President for Business Development. Marcin Siekierski has been associated with K2 Group for 6 years. At the beginning he was responsible for SEM at ACR, then he developed K2 Search as a Managing Director, finally he managed ACR activities.

K2 Media is a media agency of a new generation where, thanks to K2 Group base, there are media, production, technological and creative competences "under one roof". - says Rafał Ciszewski, Vice President of K2 Management Board - We live in times of continuous change of media meaning and notions, times when the borderline between a medium and creation blurs. The Internet is more like an infrastructure than a medium. Google became a part of a complex ecosystem of online experience and Facebook is not just a social platform but an important element of e-commerce activities.
All those changes require a modern approach to the development of agency's competences and tools. Thanks to activities taken we want to become a company desired by clients, respected for its intelligence, passion and effectiveness. -
he adds.

K2 Media provides a comprehensive service related to the use of interactive media, from planning of the online presence strategy in all digital channels through optimization of pro-sales activities. The service portfolio also includes: optimization of sales activities in mobile channel, consulting related to e-commerce activity support, activities in social media, presence in media content and media purchase. The main areas of development for K2 Media services in 2013 include RTB and planning of video campaigns on all digital platforms i.e. VOD platforms, UGC services , tablets and smartphones. Video campaigns will be developed in cooperation with K2 Motion team handling film production for 5 years.
K2 Media, apart from continued investment in own technologies ( – proprietary system for performance marketing activities or – a platform for sending newsletters and managing subscribers' databases), intends to further invest in global marketing technologies i.e. Xamine, AdSpert, Upcast.

SEO, SEM and performance remain key competences of the company, developed in recent years in K2 Group. We will continue to strengthen our competitive edge in those areas. Our interest will also be focused on cross media projects carried out together with the biggest media houses in Poland, in case of which online activity is a core activity. - says Marcin Siekierski, K2 Media Managing Director.

K2 Media team is composed of forty five specialists and currently works for more than 150 clients of K2 Group, including BZ WBK, Medicover Group, Hochland, LG, Nutricia, Orlen, Play, Provident, PZU, Sanofi Nepentes, Telepizza and Vistula Group.

The new brand is to emphasize our ambitions to ensure that K2 Media will build as strong position on the market as K2 agency. I believe that fast development of our offer, new personnel and first of all a strong management team represented by Marcin Siekierski supported by Rafał Ciszewski's experience will lead us to success. - says Janusz Żebrowski, President of K2 Management Board, commenting on the newest changes.