K2 successfully for Volvo XC60.

Within the cooperation with Volvo brand, K2 has conducted a three-stage promotional campaign dedicated to the latest Volvo model XC60 premiering officially on the Polish market. These promotion activities translated into a sales success of the new car. During the first 5 weeks of the campaign, as much as 40 percent of the budgeted annual sales of XC60 was achieved.
“We are happy that this well-thought-out and well conducted campaign to a large extent has contributed to the increase in the Volvo XC60 sales. The goal has been achieved”, comments Mariusz Nycz, Communication Manager from Volvo Auto Polska.

Volvo XC60 campaign mainly focuses on the Internet. Even before its official market debut, for the first time in its history, Volvo decided on creating a web TV to be entirely dedicated to one model. Under the address one can watch videos about the new model, its style, safety and technological solutions.

The second promotional phase was carried out in a way to surprise the audience and draw them into a fictitious story showing tongue-in-cheek making-of the original safety systems used in XC60 model. The results can be watched at
In order to pay the consumers’ attention to what absolutely distinguishes the new model from other cars, i.e. its original safety systems, each of them was pictured through a fictitious story which could happen during its designing. Thus, the role of website hosts is played by 6 characters, fictitious Volvo engineers, each having been assigned an ambitious task to build the car safety systems.

Using various means of expression, such as video, stop motion animation, drawing animation or 3D, the passions and vibrant personality of each engineer were presented along with their individual extraordinary stories, which inspired them to build the cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, each of them got a profile on the community linking portals like The activities were supported by the video creations on the most popular business websites. In an essential and clear way the fictitious and funny stories of the characters were balanced by the substantial content of the website: technical data, photo and video gallery, important information on the product, contact to dealership points and info-line.

The following stage is mainly aimed at supporting the sales. By means of XXX website, one can meet the team of the genuine creators of the latest Volvo, take a virtual drive in XC60, find all substantial information on the car and learn about functioning of the City Safety system by playing a mini game, and vote for the most attractive version of the equipment.