K2 Web Systems has changed to FABRITY

Change of strategy, further challenges and business goals as well as desire to underline the basic business of the company are main reasons for which K2 Web Systems has changed to FABRITY. This new name stems from the word fabri („creators” in Latin), and emphasises the essence of the company’s operations – creation of IT solutions to help our clients achieve their goals.

 The new name is a result of the execution of the company’s strategic plans and strengthening its image as the supplier of technology-related services, specialized in the field of process-orientated management and document’s workflow.

„It is unquestionable that we still plan to put focus to the fact of being a part of K2 Group and to derive as much from its experience as possible. At the same time we will ensure high quality of projects’ completion in the area of business processes but also in the area of design and utility.” - explains Tomasz Burczyński, the President of the FABRITY Management Board.

Transition into FABRITY does not produce any legal implications whatsoever for the company’s clients. „Furthermore, our engagement in the projects and care for our clients’ success will stay intact. We still intend to continue the development in our key areas in the nearest future, i.e. in the process management area and the enterprise content management area, and we still want our solutions to be created in the spirit of design thinking idea, which is user-orientated. Moreover, we plan to develop our competences in the area of mobile solutions for companies and the Software-as-a-Service offer.” - adds Tomasz Burczyński.

K2 Web System has changed to FABRITY on the 2nd April, 2014.