K2 with not only on the Internet!

K2 Internet in partnership with the portal, prepared a campaign “Who advertises Portal from scratch.” This time K2 created not only the Internet campaign, but also the slogan “Portal from scratch” and the idea for the outdoor campaign as well as handling the production of advertising skits, which is the first such action of the agency since it was established.

The idea for the campaign came from Dominik Kaznowski, Marketing Director, who assumed that no-one would advertise the portal better than Internet users. K2 decided to add that actually no-one would, even Kabaret Moralnego Niepokoju Cabaret. This is how the concept of the Internet campaign with the participation of the Cabaret was developed.

Eight skits were prepared where the Cabaret members, using various methods, try to convince everybody that firstly they are not advertising the portal and secondly that the new portal is worth visiting. The skits can be watched at the promotional website, in the video service of portal and on YouTube.

K2 created the Internet service, fully compliant with the new Web 2.0 trends, which centre on the contest. Its main part is an application which enables users to create banner advertising portal. The user can choose the banner size, type of picture, type of font, colour, pictures and symbols to be inserted as well as use various animation tools. Internet users not only create the banners, but also assess them.
Within a few days of the website being launched almost 8 400 Internet users participated in the contest and created almost 13 000 banners. The contest will last till 11th March 2008.

The website launch is supported by a big Internet campaign where, apart from standard forms of advertising such as banners or double billboards, K2 also created top players – short 8-9 second movies - with the participation of the Cabaret members.