K2 with Raiffeisen Bank Polska creates Mobile Bank.

New website by K2 Agency features a VIP Mobile application which provides the customers of Raiffeisen Bank Polska with access to their bank account by means of a mobile device.

The VIP Mobile application for mobile phones and other mobile devices is an ultra comfortable way to manage one’s bank account without use of a computer. By means of the application its user can check their current balance, transfer funds, activate a credit card, or open a deposit account. The VIP Mobile is a fully functional application guaranteeing the highest level of security.

“We do hope that website will become the primary source of information on mobile banking for our current and future Customers. To a large extent the site plays an educational role. Showing the advantages of the VIP Mobile website, its intuitional operation and highest security measures is to encourage the Customers to download and activate the application as well to make them familiar with the functioning of the mobile banking applications. At any moment they might need a quick access to the banking products or services. The site is also to help the Customers discover the use of the VIP Mobile services in everyday situations”, says Mariusz Gliński, Director of the E-Banking Department at Raiffeisen Bank Polska SA.

The website is crafted like a virtual showroom, which aims to present the advantages and benefits of the application and create a need for use of such a product. In order to point out the value of the VIP Mobile solutions, the site contains information on the offer and its benefits, as well as on the security features ensuring safe use of the application.

The website visitors are guided by an interactive host, who interacts with flash and 3D graphics elements to introduce the users to the details of the promoted services. The “See how...” section consists of a series of interactive courses showing step by step the possibilities and main functionalities of the application. Moreover, the videos from the “Benefits” section, prepared especially for the needs of the site, present in an original and funny way the advantages of the VIP Mobile application in everyday life.

“The videos filmed in a single shot and from a first-person view allow the viewer to get a feel for a given situation where they may need the Mobile Banking application. Each scene was shot in a different location (such as golf course, swimming pool, wine shop, etc.) and has two alternative endings to choose from. This is like a 10-minute interactive game with the VIP Mobile application as if the user had a real access to this mobile solution”, comments Arkadiusz Szulczyński, Innovation Director at K2 Internet S.A.