K2 WOMM: New Department at K2 Agency to revive brands by mouth-to-mouth.

K2 WOMM ( is a department within K2 Internet S.A. agency dedicated to deal with planning and executing the word-of-mouth marketing campaigns (an not only on the Internet).

The department will be formed by a team of a few people and run by Adam Szudra, WOMM Business Development Manager. Prior to this job, Adam worked as a Senior Account Manager in Harder&Harder WOM Experts agency, where he managed the Client Service Department and carried out the word-of-mouth marketing projects for such companies as NIVEA Polska,  BZWBK - Commercial Union groups, Polpharma, Wirtualna Polska, Maspex and Bayer HealthCare.

"The word-of-mouth marketing is much more than viral videos on YouTube, monitoring of debate forums or setting up the brand's profile on Facebook. We assume in K2 that word-of-mouth marketing stands for all that makes the consumers talk about and recommend the brands and products to each other. That is the goal, whereas the means to achieve it are designed individually for each brand", explains Adam Szudra, WOMM Business Development Manager K2.

"The word-of-mouth marketing has always been out there, as the brands aimed to be the subject of consumers’ conversations, but only recently the effective ways to stimulate WOMM and measure its results have emerged. The consumer communities linked in thanks to the Web have become a very peculiar medium. One needs to cooperate and talk with its members and not shout through it like in the traditional advertising. We do know how to accomplish it, both for the sake of the brands and the consumers, and that's why we decided to develop the word-of-mouth marketing services in K2", adds Arek Szulczyński, Innovation Director in K2.

K2 WOMM will soon kick off with a campaign for the first client. For more information on the new services, go to