01.10.2007 is launched. goes into business as an independent structure within the framework of K2 Internet S.A. – a marketing and technology company. The company will specialize in usability research and engineering, and its head and shareholder will be Eryk Orłowski.

The new structure was established in October this year under the brand name, as an independent division of the K2 Internet S.A. Group. Learning from past experiences, K2 decided to expand their business activity with usability and accessibility services. The expansion of business activity will allow them to profit from the synergy effect and offer their Clients complex solutions based on possessed competences. Owing to that, Clients seeking a marketing campaign based on new technological solutions will find all in one place. Usability deals with the interface and page layout ergonomics, owing to which the user is able to move around a given website more easily and intuitively. This significantly affects the satisfaction level and directly translates into the image of the company/ brand/ product that is the website’s subject matter. This will also enable the Group’s Clients to deliver effective products that meet the customers' expectations onto the market.

- The establishment of Komitywa manifests consistent implementation of our strategy. This strategy assumes the creation of a strong Group whose mission is to provide innovative solutions enabling our Clients to use new media and technolog in, marketing, sales and customer service in an effective and comprehensible way. Komitywa is an important element of our strategy and an expansion method in the interactive market niche, which is valuable in terms of price and image – says Janusz Żebrowski, K2 Internet S.A. Management Board President.

Komitywa will provide services ranging from usability and accessability tests, and information and functionality architecture design, to training services and organization of user-centered design (UCD) processes. The clients of Komitywa are to be, first and foremost, large companies and internet publishers, as well as interactive agencies and research institutes.

I believe that research, which will be one of the elements of our business activity, will make a valuable contribution into the development of new media in technology, marketing, sales and customer service - says Eryk Orłowski, head of

The management of Komitywa was entrusted to Eryk Orłowski, who is one of the most esteemed experts in usability and UCD in Poland. He has dealt with the Internet since 2000, and in years 2003-2006 was the Project Manager, and then the Consulting Director in Argonauts360o. In 2006, he joined the Polish branch of MRM Worldwide where, as the User Experience Director, he built a team and usability skills, and implemented projects in the field of usability for the largest of the agency’s clients. He is one of the founders of the Polish branch of the Usability Professionals Association and an author of many professional publications. Apart from Orłowski, some members of the present K2 Information Architecture division will work for Komitywa. A thorough psychological preparation, experience in large projects implementation and creative solutions – these are the qualities of the team I work with – Eryk Orłowski adds.


Usability is a measure of productivity, effectiveness and user's satisfaction with which a given product may be used for reaching specific goals by specific users. Usability deals with ergonomics of interactive tools and applications. In Poland, this notion is normally applied in ergonomics of websites and program applications, which in this case means: intuitive navigation, facilitation of information search and guarantee of communication language understandable to the user.

Accessibility (of WWW)

Accessibility means creation of such WWW documents that are accessible to the largest possible group of users, irrespective of the type of equipment or software they use and of their disabilities (e.g. vision distortion). In the European Union, all the public organizational units are obligated (under the eEurope 2002 directive) to ensure access to their websites without user discrimination.

User-Centered Design

User-Centered Design is a method of design based on specifying user's needs and goals and on adapting the project to them, in order to reach the optimum effect. This consists in simplifying the interface/menu usage, facilitating information search and enabling users easy re-establishment of the access ‘path’ they followed when searching information.