moBlog changes image.

A popular website becomes the main competitor of the biggest social networking websites in Poland. Website owners Nokia Poland, decided after it had been around for two years to refresh the website and focus on the social aspect of MMS blogging. was created in 2005 as one of the first worldwide websites allowing mobile blogging via MMS messages. The project turned out to be just what people wanted – nearly 60 thousand moBlogs were created in 2 years, on which their owners sent over 300 thousand MMS messages.

The preparation of a new version of the website has been entrusted to K2 Internet S.A. The reconstructed and refreshed moBlog will give totally new opportunities to bloggers. It follows the newest trends in Internet blogging both in functional and graphic terms and this is only the first step towards further development of the website.

- We have tried to meet the expectations of moBloggers. Now they can fully control how their moBlog looks with extended image edition tools. Owing to this, each moBlog will get its unique character. Additionally, we focus on the social character of moBlog – lists of contacts and additional changes are introduced for that purpose. ‘Folders’ have been replaced by 'Galleries', additionally we have enabled the sending of an entry directly to the selected gallery. A totally new option is the ‘waiting room’, where users may store entries which, in their opinion, are not yet ready for publishing. is not only the place where people can express themselves but also a place for people who have a common interest in modern technologies, blogging, as well as other common interests and dreams’ – Marcin Danielewski, Online Marketing Manager from Nokia Polska, says.

MoBloggers may send MMS messages to their moBlogs, and also add files from other social networking websites, such as YouTube. Owing to this, moBlog will become a central point of internet activity for its users. Contact with other bloggers will be made possible through messages that may be sent to a specific person or to an entire contact list.

Handling the account at moBlog will also be possible via a mobile phone. The lite version offers the majority of functions that are available through a traditional internet channel, including adding entries and comments or inviting friends.

And this is only the beginning of changes at moBlog. Very soon, users will get more possibilities including the opportunity to create various supplements to the website owing to the availability of an open API.

This is just the beginning of our plans for moBlog. We have added solutions suggested by moBloggers. Soon, we will implement more functionalities, owing to which moBloggers will have access to the most modern social networking tools that are available on the Polish as well as European market - Sarka Baronova, Marketing Manager responsible for Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, said.