Mobile application of "Do you know Polska?”.

K2 prepared for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs mobile applications for the website “DoYouKnowPolska?” to be run on iPhone and iPad as well as Android-based smartphones. is an illustrated dictionary of modern “young” Polish language. The aim of the website is to promote Poland around the world. Each entry in the dictionary is provided with a definition, an audio file and amateur snapshots sent by internet users. You may also verify your knowledge of the Polish language. Amusing quiz results constitute the content you may share with your friends at social networking sites. The project is open for internet users – you may add snapshots and expressions you find useful for foreigners visiting Poland to get to know our country. This is how the Polish citizens may become involved in the promotion of Poland.

The prepared mobile applications provide access to all functionalities of the website. The ‘Discover’ mode enables to browse entries, ‘Prove It’ – to verify the knowledge of the newest Polish language and ‘Show It’ gives the opportunity to add new entries and snapshots just from the mobile device gallery or embedded camera. The applications may operate in full extent while the device is offline and gathered information may be used without the internet connection.

Additionally especially for Euro 2012, the website application and both mobile applications were extended with new entries, categories and quiz questions related to football.

The design is first of all attractive visually which was the biggest challenge during the application performance as processing capacity and storage space of a mobile device is limited compared to the capacity of a personal computer. In order to be efficient, the applications are performed as iOS and Android native mobile applications thanks to which the resources and capacity of the device are used in the best way. Two dedicated formats were prepared for iOS version: smaller for iPhones and the bigger for iPads. The application was prepared as a universal single build for both types of devices. The application presents itself especially well on iPad where full-screen shots look very attractive and touch interaction at full screen is more intuitive to use when compared to e.g. mouse clicking on a website. - Mikołaj Machowczyk, Head of Mobile K2, explains.

Since June 8th the applications have been made available by Apple App Store and Google Play.
To download:

K2 has cooperated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2009. The website promoting Poland around the world, along with the aforementioned applications, has been prepared during that time. What is more, the English and Chinese language version of (a website which develops the culture awareness of the youngest internet users) have been prepared as a joint project.