Noble Bank website by K2.

The new website was built in cooperation with the Noble Bank advisors and based on their experience resulting from several years’ cooperation with the bank customers. The structure of information was divided into three categories profiled with regard to the needs of three different customer groups.

It was the personal approach to the use of banking services and the characteristics of the bank’s customers which significantly shaped the website’s construction. For the most demanding customers looking for less ordinary or top quality exclusive services the essential information was gathered in the category Wealth Management. The customers searching for standard services can find all necessary information in the Personal Finance section, while Products and Services allow the website visitor to compare the services and find the best available offer on the market.

Furthermore, the site includes presentation of the company’s philosophy, its branches, current career opportunities and investor relations section designed in compliance with the Stock Exchange standard. The bank’s customers have also obtained a secure access to the website by means of an individual password, where they can have a detailed view on their own assets deposited in the bank.

The website construction features rankings, quotations and calculators allowing for customised calculations. It was based on Reddot CMS, a tool to modify the content of WWW sites and dynamic management of information published on the website. The flexibility and potential of the used technology make the web realisation processes much easier and more efficient and enable a full cooperation of the agency and the Client representatives on the content modifications and management of the website’s language versions.