Nokia mobile ads.

Nokia Poland carried out the first advertising campaign in Poland using Google mobile search engine. Sponsored links promoting Nokia CK-15W wireless car kit appear in mobile phone search engine and refer to a mobile website. The campaign was prepared by K2 in cooperation with ACR.

Such targeted campaign ensures the reach of the target group which is two times more precise because it reaches users looking for information connected with the advertised product and using new functions of the mobile phone. - ”Poles begin to surf mobile websites more and more eagerly, thus the advertising potential of this medium increases very fast" - says Marcin Danielewski, Nokia Poland.

- „Nokia is a leader of mobile applications using the newest technical solutions. As a company which counts on modern forms of contact with its current and potential clients, Nokia has chosen advertising in mobile websites. Mobile Internet has a different specificity than a stationary one. “Small phone keys, small screen, noise around and specific needs of the mobile phone Internet users should be taken into account when planning an advertising campaign in this medium” – says Marcin Siekierski, SEM Manager at ACR. Team of K2 and ACR specialists focusing on Performance Marketing in Internet search engines and exceptional experience in mobile technologies complement each other and give better and better results.

That is why a decision was made to take similar actions in the future. They will be tested when promoting other Nokia products.