Sixth award for “The Other Side of K2”.

The K2 self-promoting website won an honourable distinction at the 2007 Golden Arrow Design competition.

“The Other Side of K2” is the Company’s highest award-winning project. It has won awards, honourable distinctions and nominations both in Polish and international competitions. In 2006 these were: the best company website at the WebStar festival, honourable distinction at the Złote Orły competition for the website as well as a nomination at the Golden Drum advertising festival in Portoroz. In 2007 we won a Kreatura award for the best advertisement and a silver KTR award for New Media.

“The Other Side of K2” was created in 2006 in order to present K2’s portfolio and show the creative potential of the agency’s team as well as to bring the possibilities offered by broadband Internet and interactive video closer to the user.

“The Other Side of K2” answers the question nagging at many users of the web: what is going on "at the back" of a web site? “We really had fun doing this project and we hope it will prove infectious to the users”, says Łukasz Lewandowski, one of the authors of the project and presently the Director for Research and Development at K2.