Summary of Subscription for K2 Internet S.A. Shares.

On April 15, 2008, the H Series new issue shares of the company K2 Internet S.A. were allocated. The company found buyers for all shares of the new issue, generating the capital required for meeting goals described in the Prospectus.

‘We are satisfied with the outcome of the offering, all the more so because we competed for investors’ capital with two other companies, which held their public offerings at the same time. The interest of our buyers is a signal that the Investors have appreciated K2 Internet S.A. and that they believe in our potential and growth prospects. On our part, we will spare no effort so that the confidence we have enjoyed translated into measurable benefits in the form of a long-term growth of the share value.’ Janusz Żebrowski, the President of the Management Board of K2 Internet S.A. said.

A very weak Friday WSE session discouraged a part of individual investors, hence not all shares offered by the existing shareholders were sold. However, all institutional investors invited to subscribe have participated in the offering.

K2 Internet, a company providing innovative marketing, sales and customer service solutions offered 330,000 H Series shares of the new issue and 420,000 shares sold, according to the Prospectus.

The issue price of the shares offered was determined at PLN 25 per share. The investors made the total of 126 subscriptions for 588,523 shares worth PLN 14.7 million. The Listing Agent of K2 Internet shares was PENETRATOR S.A. Brokerage House. The public offering was not divided into tranches.

The funds obtained from the issue of shares will be spent on creating a unique organization running large and innovative interactive projects in the field of marketing, sales and customer service. As opportunities arise , K2 Internet will strive to consolidate the Polish e-marketing market.