30.06.2008 hosting via K2 internet.

K2 hosting services client list was mounted by – the largest net travel agency in Poland.

For K2 introduced a dedicated hosting platform, able to deal with the growing interest and numerous advertising campaigns of popular community portals. Main idea was to achieve high efficiency combined with the cohesion of the information in the service.

We help clients to sustain the continuity of business processes and reputation, no matter how heavy the traffic caused by their promotional actions is. The success in is the ability to handle swiftly very heavy client loading and smooth calculation power ranging.“ – says Maciej Kuźniar, IT Operations Director at K2.

K2 offers managed hosting for over 9 years. The experience gained throughout these years allows to work for the biggest and the most demanding clients in Poland, like – the biggest job board portal, – one of the largest consumer promotion platform and – one of the biggest Polish Internet stores.

It is not only hosting what we are providing – in many cases we are the authors of the entire solution. We know the mechanisms of all the popular technologies used in Internet services and we are able to improve their efficiency – without forcing the client to buy or lease additional servers” – adds Maciej Kuźniar.