Work awaits at a bus stop – a new mobile campaign for

The largest Polish employment portal – - has begun its activities promoting mobile applications. Within the scope of the campaign, free Wi-Fi access has appeared on bus and tram stops. A geo targeted SMS communication has been launched as well. K2 Group is responsible for the design and implementation of the campaign. answers the needs of those searching for work and, as a first service in Poland, made an online application available for its users in 2010. In July 2013 the company released new versions of the application for the most popular operating systems namely iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The application enables users not only to browse through job offers in a quick and convenient way but also to reply to them directly from a tablet or smartphone.

Now it’s high time to build Internet users’ awareness as to mobile work search. Anna Hołdyńska from Group says – The aim of our promotional activities is to develop a habit among our users of searching for employment with the help of mobile devices. Especially in view of the recent Ipsos research entitled ‘E-commerce and M-commerce in Poland’, whose results show that four out of ten polled Poles have a smartphone and  spend over two hours a day on-line, using only mobile devices.

Smartphone and tablet users have a habit of frequent checking what’s new on-line, doing it in situations which force them to be temporarily idle e.g. while using public transport or waiting for it. Thus the idea of to make free Wi-Fi available on bus and tram stops. – It’s the first time when we’ve used this medium in such a way. Currently, the solution is being tested on 10 Warsaw bus stops. On another 100 of them there’s a possibility to download our application with the use of QR codes placed on citylight advertisements – says Anna Hołdyńska.

The novelty of activities is also a geo targeted SMS campaign in large business centres in Warsaw and Wrocław. Anyone who gets to that area will automatically receive a message with encouragement to use the mobile application of

The campaign has been designed and implemented by K2 Group, as a joint effort of K2 and K2 Media teams.