Złoty Orzeł award in the Interactive category for K2 Internet.

K2 Internet S.A. won the only Złoty Orzeł award granted this year in the Interactive category for the creation of, website presenting the new aluminium Coca-Cola bottle. The official ceremony with awards presentation took place on December 7.

The 10th Polish Advertising Festival Złote Orły came to an end. K2 Internet S.A., providing services in the field of using new media and technologies in business, has once again become one of the winners of the oldest advertising competition.

The awarded website shows two sides of the new Coca-Cola aluminium bottle. In the daylight, attention is captured by the green design. Once the lights are on, the bottle changes the colour and new patterns appear, different than those you can see during the day. It is targeted at those who love having fun, are open to new ideas and make the most of life.

An important aim of the website was not to present the bottle as such but to draw people into the world of Alu-bottle. For the creative team of K2 the work on became an adventure, a journey into the unknown, creation of a world where everyone could make their fantasies come true. In this case, a trivial assumption: to cross the borders, to experiment and not to restrain imagination, really worked.

„I hope that this award will show many people that non-standard approach to a topic brings effects. We can talk of awarding K2 Internet and the people involved in the project. But what should really be emphasized is the fact that the award shows that the times of simple packshots are slowly coming to an end and a user doesn’t merely wait for simple and straightforward information about the product anymore ", says Jacek Opaluch, K2 Creative Director.

Złote Orły competition awards the best Polish advertisements of the previous year. The competition may be entered by all entities involved in creation of advertisements in Poland. The official ceremony brings together the representatives of the media, culture, national institutions and the biggest companies.

This year the official presentation of the Złoty Orzeł statuette will take place on 7 December 2007 during the ceremony in the Wilanów Poster Museum.