Public offering of shares

On 31 January 2008, the Financial Supervision Authority signed off the issue prospectus of K2 Internet S.A., based on which 750,000 Offered Shares were made available, including:

  • 330,000 series H ordinary bearer shares to be taken up, offered within a subscription opened by the Issuer excluding the rights for shares for the Current Shareholders;
  • 420,000 ordinary bearer Transferable Shares to be sold, owned by bmp AG, Mr. Michał Lach and Mr. Janusz Żebrowski, including 369,600 Transferable Shares owned by bmp AG, 32,000 Transferable Shares owned by Mr. Michał Lach and 18,400 Transferable Shares owned by Mr. Janusz Żebrowski.

Moreover, depending on the results of the book building process, bmp AG could decide to put on sale no more than 354,960 Transferable Shares.

The subject of application to be admitted to exchange trading on the regulated market was 1,700,000 Existing Shares (including the Transferable Shares), up to 330,000 series H share purchase rights and up to 330,000 series H shares (depending on the number of series H shares allotted in the Public Offering).
Between 31 March and 4 April, the Company’s Management Board carried out a Roadshow and book building. On 8 April, the Board of K2 Internet S.A. agreed on the Issue Price in the amount of 25 PLN per Offered Share. On 9 – 11 April, the subscriptions of the Company’s shares took place. On 15 April 2008, the allotment of the Offered Shares was made. The investors who had subscribed for the shares without Invitations were allotted 63,523 newly issued shares of the Company (series H shares). The investors who had subscribed in reply to the Invitations were allotted 258,523 existing shares of the Company (Sold Shares) and 266,477 newly issued shares of the Company (series H shares). The subscriptions made by Investors were not reduced.