K2Bots.AI will help companies develop AI-based chatbots.

K2 Group has opened K2Bots.AI, the new specialized company to help corporations develop services based on artificial intelligence and conversation interfaces — both voice and text.
K2Bots.AI will help companies develop AI-based chatbots

K2Bots.AI will create chatbots that are not solely technological gadgets but also effective employees and, which are really based on AI, meaning they understand natural language and know how to acquire knowledge.

K2Bots.AI chatbots can be used to support sales process, customer service, recruitment, marketing, competition organization, employee assistance and automation of other various projects — starting from electronic banking and ending on reservation of parking spaces. The company helps to find the best area to apply bots in the corporation-related processes.

K2Bots.AI is composed of experts and specialists who have been promoting the use of artificial intelligence in business for a few years. They prepared the report titled “Polish chatbots in 2018”. The team has already carried out some very impressive chatbot implementations in Poland, for instance for Warta or Desperados. Integration of Warta Chatbot with call center is very developed and it automates customer service in messenger channel, allowing acceptance of filed insurance claims. Then again, the bot created for Desperados was a host of a lottery and allowed withdrawal of money from ATM machines via Messenger because it was integrated with BLIK system. And of course, Parkingbot that proved that AI based bot is able to optimize use of space and facilitate convenient work trip for larger group of motorized employees.

K2Bots.AI is one of the first in Poland to offer applications (called ‘Actions’) for Polish language Google Assistant, using DialogFlow — the technology that supports natural language processing. The voice assistant for PLAY is the first product in this area. It provides automatic answers to the most commonly asked questions of clients. More about the offer on www.k2bots.ai.