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As K2 we’ve been supporting the digital development of business. We’ve been providing creative, media, content and martech solutions.

Our digital competences will help you increase sales of products and services through the e-commerce channel. We know how to reach your recipients effectively through a combination of communication strategy and precision marketing. We will optimize your business processes by creating dedicated software and digital products. We will support your business in digital transformation and cloud strategy implementation.

Precision marketing

We specialize in digital campaigns and comprehensive support in the area of media, from strategy, planning and campaign optimization to results settlement. We create complex solutions for e-commerce brands and effectively combine TV planning services with digital campaigns.

  • E-commerce
  • Performance Multiscreen (TV + digital video)
  • Programmatic
  • Social
  • Business Intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Marketing Automation

Integrated campaigns

We create marketing and communication strategies based on an in-depth understanding of consumer needs, hopes and concerns. We stand by communication that changes building deep relationships with consumers using complex storytelling, innovative media tools and cutting-edge technology.

  • Integrated campaigns
  • ATL communication
  • Digital communication
  • Communication in social media
  • Strategic analyses
  • Brand strategy
  • Branding
  • Designing brand experience
25 years
on the market

K2 is created by people

Kasia Wiśniewska
Kasia Wiśniewska

Managing Director, K2 Precise

Maja Biniewicz
Maja Biniewicz

Managing Director, K2 Precise

Michał Rutkowski
Michał Rutkowski

Managing Director, K2 Create

Bartek Załęcki
Bartek Załęcki

Partner, Growth