The Grand Theatre
National Opera.

We created the website for one of the most important cultural institutions in Poland.
The Grand Theatre website


The Great Theatre — National Opera (Polish: Teatr Wielki — Opera Narodowa) is a theatre complex, opera company, and home of the Polish National Ballet, located on historic Theatre Square in Warsaw, Poland. It was inaugurated in 1833. The Warsaw Grand Theatre is one of the largest theatres in Europe and in the world, with a seating capacity of over 2000. 

Polish National Opera briefed us for its new website, that would make users feel as close as possible to the world of high art and make the worldwide known heritage of the institution accessible to everyone.

The Grand Theatre website


We have started with the design, gathering the content and thinking about the best way of arranging it on the website. We had in mind who the users are — staunch fans of the opera and ballet and artists, as well as tourists, students or people who just occasionally attend to the shows. So we tried to present all the details that professional users need and make the structure clear and intuitive for everyone.

Our aim was to make website as impressive as the shows are, with beautiful photographs, but simple and easy to navigate at the same time. It also had to be a platform of communication for the organisation — easy to update and fill with content for the editors. We knew that the website would constantly evolve and expand in the future. 

The Virtual Archive section of the  website is a content rich environment cataloguing shows, actors, dancers, music and costumes from the past (since 1945!).

The Grand Theatre website

It was important to make the site accessible on every device and for every user. We designed and developed it to be responsive with separate mobile version and tested it on the ton of different devices. We also have implemented several features for vision impaired people according to the very restrictive WCAG requirements.

Apart from that we took care of the institution employees, creating internal communication tool with contacts, schedules, important documents and news.

The Grand Theatre website
The Grand Theatre - Polish National Opera
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