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We have designed the mobile app that enable to make everyday shopping. And much more.
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The first version of the application for Carrefour was designed by us back in 2014. However, after some years of dynamic development its structure and content required some visual refreshment and redesign. The need resulted from the fact that Carrefour fully renowned its business approach and development strategy, as it constantly adjusted to ever-changing digital world.

The main purpose of the new version was to engage different segments of users in as much interaction with the brand as possible. This was to be achieved by adding new features and services to the application over time, so each user could find something to his/her liking. But we had to remember that the users must not feel overwhelmed by the variety of the application’s offer.

Screenshots of ‘My Carrefour’ Application


The new version of the application was implemented in 2017. The users may shop online and take advantage of many other functionalities, such as, to name the most important, popular newsletters, promotions and competitions of various types.

Registration of the user, combined with participation in the loyalty program “Rodzinka” ("Family") provides the access to the virtual card to be used at the cash desk, but also to discount coupons, which are a very important sales‑related mechanism. Discount coupons are now the most powerful drive to use application, especially due to great variability, wide offer, geo‑location and adjusting to the user’s shopping preferences.

Screenshots of ‘My Carrefour’ Application

The application offers the shop searching engine, shopping list and price reader. The users may benefit from Scan&Go service (scan the price and pay in the brick and mortar shop) and mobile payment service.

We also had a real “wow factor” — “SąSiatki” service, the platform enabling shopping for neighbors.

Because the content of the application is frequently updated with new offers, promotions, newsletters or coupons we had to find the way to properly notify the users about thereof and to prepare adequate visual presentation thereof. We wanted users to use the app frequently and therefore we created the application’s main screen: “Recommended”, where the user may see the latest content, coupons or newsletters and find the closest Carrefour store.

Such a complex application required a very reasonable approach to decisions regarding interaction or the interface itself. All non-standard solutions, as attractive as they may be, could make it difficult for the user to use the application. Moreover, we had to set priority for separate modules very carefully: to ensure the best possible access to the key functionalities and quite easy access to those second in line.


Most of components, interactions and look&feel are based on Material Design (set of design‑related rules and styles by Google), mainly because of great popularity of Android-based devices and versatility of this solution. The decision was to ensure that the user would not be “thrown” into totally new and unknown context. However, we strived to keep the exceptional and unique character of the application.

Screenshots of ‘My Carrefour’ Application


The application has been downloaded by over 1 million users. It means that the number of downloads has increased by more than 400,000 since the end of April to December 2017.

  • 1 mln of mobile downloads.
  • 40% increase in number.
  • 2 extensive versions.
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