Copernicus Science Centre.

We have designed and developed two versions of the website for the museum of science.
Website of the museum of science.


The Copernicus Science Centre is the science museum located over Vistula River in Warsaw. It holds over 450 interactive exhibits that allow visitors to experiment and learn through fun. The Copernicus Centre is the biggest institution of this type in Poland and one of the most advanced in Europe.

In 2010, before the Centre was even open for visitors, we have implemented the first version of the website. It was the beginning and neither we nor the client knew how the facility would operate and what kind of content would be presented on the website.

The first version of the website focused on showing basic information for visitors. It was enough for the beginning, but the number of events organized by the Centre increased dramatically with time. In addition to permanent exhibitions the Centre organized workshops, debates, concerts, meetings with interesting people of science and many more. Some events were held in various locations outside the building, for instance the Science Picnic. In view of that the existing website became too static. It was not designed to present events, news and content so various, numerous and constantly changing. Therefore, the team of Copernicus Science Centre decided to re-design it.

Website of the museum of science.
2 versions of the website.


The second version of the website focuses on the presentation of events and news for many different groups of users (students, teachers, parents, grown-ups). We aimed at maximum flexibility and the easy-to-read structure of content. We wanted to create easy-to-configure publishing platform instead of static layouts only.

Website of the museum of science.


We designed the project based on flexible grid of elements that can be filtered by different criteria. Because specific sub-pages can be open from many different locations on the website, articles open as layers enabling the user to quickly get back to previous location. The new design gives the user the option to see many different events in a simple buy clear and attractive way.

Website of the museum of science.

The most innovative change in comparison to the previous version of the website is the option to make reservation and buy tickets to all attractions available in CSC online. To that end, the website was equipped with online interface integrated with the client’s cash system. Integration with the cash system was designed in a way enabling updating of data in a real-time. This way, both cashiers of the Centre and persons buying online always see number of tickets actually accessible.

Website of the museum of science.

During barely four months following the introduction of online ticket sales, over 25,000 people have used the website to purchase.

The website offers an additional advantage, i.e. the mechanism that uses the camera to monitor queues to cash desks and ticket collection point.

  • 2 versions of the website.
  • 8 years of cooperation.
  • 25 000 tickets bought online within 4 months.
Website of the museum of science.
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