Gaming tastes better with Lay’s Maxx.

A potato crisps campaign for 7 European markets.
People eating Ley's and playing games

The Challenge.

Today’s teenagers are raised 100% in the on-line environment. They do not know the world without technology, and information, entertainment or relations with other people are brought to them through internet in the blink of an eye. At the same time, they are also entrepreneurial with high expectations… and hard to reach with an advertising message. So how to engage them in promoting crisps?

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The Solution.

In search for the right solution, we have focused on two aspects. To speak their language and join their space, we entered the world of gaming. We also decided to reach their entrepreneurial nature.

We created the event under a slogan: „Gaming tastes better with Lay’s Maxx”, based on the lottery inside the crisps packings. Young fans could win newly released games „Need for Speed: Payback”, money and Playstation 4 with VR technology. Based on this concept, we have designed and implemented a marketing strategy in Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, and Poland.

Lay’s Maxx

As part of the campaign, we created 30‑ and 15‑second formats and pre‑rolls for the internet. In cooperation with EA Games, we used frames from the game’s trailer, and in the crisps commercial we showed the same Mustang car as the one driven by characters of „Need for Speed: Payback”.

We also designed new packings for Lay’s Maxx and opening them meant joining the game.

Lay’s Maxx

The Effects.

In a unique manner, we have joined gaming and crisps, giving the young consumers added value in the form of „Need for Speed: Payback” games and other prizes. The campaign proved universally effective on 7 different European markets, promoting spending time with friends, crisps and games.

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