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We have created the new communication platform for PGE.
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Polska Grupa Energetyczna (PGE Capital Group) the Polish Energy mogul, has expanded its services portfolio by heat engineering. Hence, the need to create a new, long‑term communication platform that would add a bit of “heat” to the impersonal image of the “mogul” and communicate expanded competencies of the brand. Displaying something that is quite not visible — the energy, was the biggest challenge.


The Energy is all around us, every day and is the driving force of almost all areas of our lives. We are not able to see the electricity — what we see is a toaster, a lamp, a printer, a TV. The same applies to heat energy — we see a heating device or a tap with hot water. Therefore, we have created the format, in which a Polish family — our characters, is surrounded by devices and installations visible the in cross‑section, revealing their core — powering energy.

People using electric devices

Original visual form gave an explanation to the main idea (the energy surrounds us every day), added the modern touch to the company and made the communicate consistent and standing out from competitors’.

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