We have helped PGE to multiply positive energy.
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We have helped PGE to multiply good energy and over 600,000 people were keen witness to this. And it’s all owing to the 6-year old boy, who wanted to get the power from the ad.


The communication of energy sector companies usually relies on high-budget, generic stories or focus mainly on commercial offer. This category is about all big and spectacular. Therefore, it is very easy to overlook clever, 6-year old and forget what is really important for people. Making something uncomplicated and good for others has sometimes the great impact. PGE did not forget it. A client sent us the recording of a conversation with a boy. And so, the amazing story of little Sebus has begun…



When we received the recording from PGE call center we have decided to skip innovation for once. We did something uncomplicated. We paid Sebus a visit and took him, along with his family, to see a real power plant. Meanwhile, our team refurbished the boy’s room and decorated it with skylights, the boy was so captivated with seeing it in our commercial. Why we did it? Because it is worth sharing a good energy. Because a good energy, once given, will come back.



The story of Sebus was viewed over 600,000 times (all sources), collected over 560 likes and almost 200 shares on FB only. There were almost 100% of positive feedback on YT.

  • 600kviews.
  • 560likes.
  • 200shares on FB.
  • 100%positive feedback on You Tube.
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