Visual identity for PGE.

A circle. A triangle. A square.
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At the request of Polska Grupa Energetyczna, we have refreshed the existing identification of promotional materials to create a coherent, clear communication that effectively organized their extremely extensive offer.

Visuals with examples of a circle, a triangle, a square

The Challenge.

Previous PGE identification was based on showing machines and devices ‘animated’ by electricity in the form of ‘skylights’. Due to the expansion of the product offer with heating services, there was a need to create a completely new concept that would communicate the expanded offer in a coherent and clear manner.


The Solution.

Our design was created to communicate not only electricity and heating related services, but also a wide range of PGE’s additional solutions, including „Health insurance” and „Professional Help”.

We created the symbols for three main areas of PGE’s activity, i.e. HOME (a circle), BUSINESS (a triangle) and INDUSTRY (a square) and matched them with individual offers. A series of images was created depicting the symbol, the subject of the offer and skylights referring to the previous identification.


The promotional materials were supplemented with a line of information posters designed for Customer Service Offices. With intense backgrounds and contrasting colours, the posters were supposed to attract attention and encourage to get acquainted with their content.


The Results.

The new visual identity refreshed, upgraded and made PGE’s offer more consistent. Our efforts resulted in a clear, modern image of the entire brand emerging from several seemingly unrelated offers.

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