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We have automated Warta customer service by using AI.
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Modern companies must not neglect the fact that client’s preference to contact via Internet messengers is getting bigger. Statistics vouch for that — the most popular application, Facebook Messenger has over 1,3 billion users worldwide. The number has doubled in two years barely!

In order to handle clients traffic in this channel innovative technologies are applied — programs called “chatbots”. These programs can communicate with clients independently, answer the most popular questions and even carry out uncomplicated business processes. They still can’t however, and will not be able in the nearest future, fully replace employees of call centers or customer service. But they already bring advantages for companies and clients.

Chatbot does not need sleep or holiday leave. It is accessible 24/7 — including Sundays and holidays. Moreover, it is able to communicate with any number of users, so they don’t have to wait in a queue — says Maciej Maliszewski, K2 Digital Transformation Technology Strategist.

The secret of the Polish “speaking” chatbot is the tool called “Natural Language Processing” (NLP). This technology allows chatbot to answer clients’ questions in any possible way, i.e. using different set of words. Furthermore, chatbot can “learn” and develop conversation skills during discussions with clients — of course with help of specialists.

Warta Bot


This solution was lately applied by Warta, one of the biggest insurance companies in Poland. The company’s clients can use Messenger chatbot able to answer the most popular questions regarding Warta’s offer and to assist in many customer service and loss adjustment related tasks. The chatbot is closely connected to Contact Center department to address even the most individual cases quickly and efficiently.

Today, use of chatbot seems to be something utterly natural for the company, which spends so many efforts to implement innovations usable for clients. We decided to use this solution when we launched Facebook profile. Now we see it was a very reasonable decision as we can attend more clients at the same time and save their time usually spent on awaiting answer to some popular questions. What’s important, clients, who have some individual issues, complicated issues that chatbot is not able to answer are immediately referred to our consultants. In Messenger of course.
Agnieszka Antol, Chief Manager, System Development and Maintenance, Warta.

By introducing chatbot, Warta enabled its clients to report losses by Facebook Messenger application. Using this solution, the insured can in a few, intuitive steps walk through the whole process and it should last no more than couple of minutes. Number of data to be filled was limited to necessary minimum. Chatbot happens to be of handy also on this stage. Due to being integrated with Warta IT systems, it helps users, leading them step by step through the whole process.

We believe that chatbots are the perfect addition to and support of mobile solutions. Easy and intuitive solutions are priceless today, when everybody is time aware. Reporting losses by Facebook Messenger is just that easy and intuitive, and we were the first to implement it in Poland and one of the first in Europe. The solution is transparent, therefore clients know exactly what to do and a lot of data is uploaded directly from our systems and geolocations. It’s a huge facilitation of the process, which increases the quality of customer service and supplements functionalities of Warta Mobile application.
Agnieszka Antol, Chief Manager, System Development and Maintenance, Warta.
Warta Bot


The interest in this solution grows week by week and it transforms into crucial channel of Warta customer service.

Over a few thousands of people have already contacted Warta’s chatbot and almost 250 used it to report a loss. In case it is necessary, chatbot is effectively supported by call center employees, who during working hours, can take over chats transferred by bot in less than 60 minutes!
The solution has been prepared in cooperation with Apreel and InteliWISE.

Warta Bot

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