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New promotional format as part of the "Queen" miniseries campaign on Netflix
Netflix case study what are you playing


Netflix's library is growing year on year with new Polish productions. Netflix is investing more and more heavily in the Polish market, creating new titles - both films and series. Another Polish title, "The Queen" starring Andrzej Seweryn and Maria Peszek, premiered in June 2022. Our task was to create a new video format in which we would introduce not only the new title, but also Polish talents and talk about their work on the set. The entire project was to be aimed at the community gathered on Netflix Poland's social media channels.


Expanding users' knowledge of more Polish talents appearing in new Netflix productions. Implementation fully published on selected social media channels


We created a new format titled. "What do you play?" in which Maria Peszek, and Andrzej Seweryn talked about what you don't see on screen, touched on the themes of their bonds on set and the challenges they faced, which won great favor with viewers. The actors emphasized that we were able to create a safe space for them where they could show their real face and mention what they don't always talk about in the media.

This format creates new narrative possibilities and we will be able to repeat it in the future as part of the promotion of other Polish titles.

Organic-only results:

  • 7000 reactions on Facebook
  • 36000 views on YouTube
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