BOLS. Bargiel. Iceland.

Untypical consumer activation.


CEDC International requested our help in preparation of the campaign that would accompany the process of marketing the new, limited version of BOLS Platinum Vodka — Magma. Moreover, our actions were supposed to refresh the BOLS image and strengthen the brand’s awareness among the younger of target groups.

BOLS Platinum - Magma


We decided to combine all three goals in one project and we drew up a creative idea with the balance point shifted a little bit towards the consumer’s activation side. The tool, which in most cases plays a supportive role in a campaign, became the main tool that introduces the new product. Our concept was based on a well‑known template: „BOLS team: Bravery. Emotions. Friendship.”

BOLS vodka

We analyzed the history of the brand and the characteristics of the new product and we knew that its ambassador needed to be someone sharp, with passion and image that played well with the product’s values and present communication of the brand. So, we selected Andrzej Bargiel to be the face. The alpine skier, Himalayan mountaineer and the first man who skied downhill of K2 and Broad Peak.

Andrzej Bargiel

The campaign’s leading slogan was “Magma Expedition”. The main prize in the competition was the expedition to the exact place of origin of volcanic rock used to filtrate BOLS Platinum Magma, location Iceland. Andrzej Bargiel led the trip himself.

Our actions were publicized by influencers, such as authors of “Busem przez świat” project and supported by K2 Media.



Our campaigned reached 1,6 million people in the target group. 771 participants took part in the activation. The competition‑supporting campaign was seen almost 3,5 million times and generated 27,051 clicks.

  • 1,6 mln reach.
  • 3,5 mln views.
  • 771 participants.
Visuals from BOLD campaign
Andrzej Bargiel led the trip himself
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