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We have organized first Polish lottery hosted by chatbot.


Desperados decided to give some new vibes to the consumer activation and to make participation therein even more easy and better adjusted to ever-changing expectations of the recipients. In order to accommodate the need we have created the first Polish lottery, where all codes from promotional caps were entered by participants in messenger directly. Our lottery chatbot received so many positive reactions that we added some innovation to it again a year later. The winners were able to withdraw the prize in the nearest ATM.


In the lottery, participants could win attractive monetary prizes if they found the right code written at the back of the bottle cap. The total amount was 1,000,000 PLN. We wanted to facilitate the process of joining the game as much as possible — the participation was to be “as easy as opening the beer”. We have implemented three steps to achieve this:

  1. The lottery was hosted by chatbot, accessible 24/7 in the most popular communication tool — Messenger. In order to enter the code, the user simply had to click the icon with blue cloud and search Desperados brand.
  2. The win was communicated to the participant immediately after entering the code. This is the concept of traditional “scratch lottery” so there is no need to wait for the drawing.
  3. The winner could withdraw the prize immediately, in the nearest ATM. It was possible because we integrated the chatbot with BLIK system. Our lottery was the first in Poland to enable collection of prizes via messenger chatbot.
Bot Desperados

In touch!

The Messenger conversation has no definite end, therefore this channel enables long-term communication with clients. Desperados Chatbot used automation marketing scenarios, successfully picking up interaction with lottery participants, encouraging them to stay in the game and enter more codes. It also informed them about the activation end date, so participants could use all codes they had before their expiration.


Because it was really tailored for the target group, i.e. “Millennials” that keep their smartphones with them all the time and use Messenger on a daily basis to communicate with friends and favorite brands, the lottery became very popular at a short notice. The expectations of participants regarding fluency of interaction with the bot and possibility to receive the prize without the need to wait were met perfectly. So, our project for Desperados proves that 24/7 accessible chatbot is a great tool to build activations based on “here and now” factor. Additionally, thanks to very creative copywriting, interactions with our chatbot received a warm welcome from the lottery participants — no single conversation was reported as SPAM!

Selected statistics of „Dotacje na kreacje” lottery of Desperados. (2017):

  • +100 th conversations with bot.
  • +239 th of codes entered.
  • 0% conversations reported as SPAM!
  • 20% more codes entered through chatbot than via traditional landing page.

Selected numbers of “Imprezowa Wena” Desperados (2018):

  • +500 th conversations with bot.
  • 38% more codes entered through chatbot than via traditional landing page.
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