Bot, the composer.

We have created a bot composer for Desperados Nocturno.
Bot, the composer


After we had completed two chatbot lotteries (“Dotacje na kreacje” and “Imprezowa Wena”) we were asked to prepare yet another activation for clients, this time for Desperado Nocturno. The customer expected some fresh idea, which is still based on the messenger chatbot, as it already became the identity mark of the client’s lotteries.


Scream out your emotions and get them recorded.

The messenger communicator allows to record and send short sound messages for some time already. In order to do so the user must press and hold the mic button and the person we talk to will get the recording we made. We decided to rely on this idea, and we created a very exceptional chatbot with the ability to compose personalized music from what the user has sent. Participants were able to download the music and share with their friends on the Messenger.

Bot, the composer

How the chatbot did it?

Recordings sent by participants of chatbot activation were first subject to necessary processing: cutting, slowing, speeding, adding some effects (such as echo, after-sounds) — to make the set of samples. Then such samples were compiled with bits made by producers we invited to cooperate with us, such as, among others: 2STY, Pawbeats, Trepson and RAU RAU RAU.

As a consequence, almost 1500 music themes were brought to life, each of them unique, and shared solely with samples’ authors. They, in turn, could save them or share with their friends on Facebook or through Messenger and invite more people to take part in the game.


Bot Nocturno proved that Messenger conversation can be the occasion to engage users in a creative marketing campaign. Facebook messenger offers invaluable benefits such as low activation-entry threshold and easy “viral” distribution of the user-generated content.

  • Almost 1500 unique music themes.

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