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We have engaged many young people to look for their peers.
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For the first time in the history of the Foundation so many young people committed themselves to look for peers.


According to the Police, 8,000 young people is missing every year. Most of them escaped home. The best way to find them is to distribute their images. ITAKA, the only foundation that searches for underaged does not have financial means to do so. Therefore, we decided to help.

But how to distribute information about missing persons and engage the group with the highest missing‑rate when the wallet is empty?

Snap & Seek application


We used the fact, that Snapchat, by the way the favorite application of teenagers, offered a new functionality — face swap, which enabled “exchange” of faces.

In less than two weeks after launching the application we followed with the special‑purpose tool, called “Snap & Seek”, which enabled to change face with the face of the missing person. We created the page: where we put pictures of all missing teenagers. Snapchat users could upload such pictures and replace their faces with faces of the missing persons and then send such snap to friends, encouraging them to join the action. This way, all Snapchat users could easily and in a cool‑like manner participate in searches.

Snap & Seek application
Snap & Seek application


In order to promote „Snap & Seek” we contacted famous snapchat celebrities such as: Matt Olech, Naruciak, Areta Szpura, Local Heroes, Michał Sadowski (Brand24), Karol Paciorek, Karolina Gilon and other. As a consequence, we managed to engage 1/3 of Snapchat users in Poland! Moreover, we have reached over one million users of other social media channels. According to ITAKA, never before had so many young people participated in searching of their peers.

  • 1/3of Snapchat users took part.
  • 1 millionrecipients in other social media channels.
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