"If you hear it — if you say it”.

We have prepared the social campaign presenting the problem of violence against homosexual, bisexual and transgender persons.


Violence against LGBT persons is a commonplace in many Polish houses. We had to create a universal message abating the social consent to such violence and encouraging both: victims and witnesses to report such cases to Warsaw Lambda helpline.



We had only a very small media budget and we decided to use the non-typical, but attention‑absorbing communicate. There were two versions of the campaign. One had a form of outdoor posters on Warsaw bus stops and the second of the ad emitted in the Internet and in two Warsaw movie theatres. All activities were supported by social media and a webpage

Poster on the wall

Rainbow bus stops.

There were quotations from Lambda help line placed in the central part of each poster, selected so to present different and sometimes not so obviously visible types of violence and to induce by-passers to analyze their own attitude towards LGBT group. The outdoor campaign was supported by press conference. Moreover, posters and leaflets were presented during the Warsaw Pride Parade and we left them in Warsaw LGBT clubs and institutions supporting family violence victims.

Pastiche of the ad in the ad.

The video was the second stage of our activities. We decided to resort to the pastiche in order to emphasize the problem. We had a very predictable scenario for food product’s ad, with the typical Polish family at the table. Suddenly the scenario was destroyed by the earth‑shattering conversation between the characters. This enabled the viewers to experience the same feeling as experienced by the victims of verbal aggression. The ad was emitted in the Internet and two Warsaw movie theaters — Kinoteka and Muranów.


The outdoor campaign was seen by 1.6 million people, including over 1 million in Warsaw only. The online ad was viewed 160,000 times and movie version was seen by approximately 10 thousand people.

All these actions translated to more calls to Lambda helpline, both from victims and witnesses.

  • 1,6 mln people reached offline.
  • 160k online views.
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