The power is better with added value.

We have encouraged PGE clients to use added services.


When we think about the Polish Energy Group we usually see the supplier of the electric power. But the offer includes a very wide range of services tailored for different and individual needs of clients.

How then should we create an understandable and engaging campaign, which change perception of PGE and encourage client to use additional services?

Additional PGE services


What we did first was finding the real insight all things in life are better with benefits the energy in PGE too! We created an understandable and scalable campaign where the power is depictured as the object, the three-dimensional typography surrounded by additional services.

Such services are seen as artefacts characteristic for the given offer for instance tools used by technicians or a TV set linked to VOD service. KV gave us the option to present all services in a clear and simple way and the main concept proved itself well also in TV (holiday spot) and radio.

Additional PGE services
PGE visual on the wall
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