PKO Bank Polski.

We have created the digital presence of the largest Polish bank.
PKO Bank Polski website


How to refresh the website of the large bank so it will work flawlessly on all mobile devices? How to make it easier to use for visitors, and a better tool to acquire new clients for the bank?

In 2016 we designed and developed the new version of the main PKO Bank Polski website. We did it again after our first design of it from 2009-2010. This time we wanted to introduce Responsive Web Design and many other improvements. 

PKO Bank Polski is the largest bank in Poland, offering hundreds of financial products for varied groups of customers: the young and the old, personal and business clients, with dedicated products for corporate sector, real estate developers and even local government. The website has over over 15 000 pages and is visited by over 3,5 million users each month.

Mobile version of PKO Bank Polski website
PKO Bank Polski website


We completely rebuilt the navigation on the website and implemented the new search engine to make the process of finding products easier. We changed the architecture of most pages and redesigned the look and feel of all of them. We have also introduced many changes to improve the sales and the processes to acquire new sales leads. We made contacting with the bank easier and simplified the logging to the transactional websites.

We were responsible for everything, from strategy through UX and design to preparation of the content, front-end development nad back-end development (on our dedicated CMS platform written in Python). Moreover we did search engine optimisation (SEO) and optimized the speed of the website to make pages load fast on all devices.

Mobile version of PKO Bank Polski website
PKO Bank Polski website
Mobile version of PKO Bank Polski website


The number of mobile users on the website rose by 65% and sales conversion rates were much improved. 

PKO Bank Polski was also awarded in 2017 as the most user-friendly bank in Poland for its website, mobile app, and its transactional system iPKO (which we also helped to design) by the highly regarded polish magazine Puls Biznesu, who audited digital touchpoints of all the banks in Poland. 

  • 65% more mobile traffic.
  • 3,5 mln users each month.
  • 2 versions of the website.
  • 8 years of cooperation.

Unrealised concept.

As usual during this project we created at least 5 or 6 completely different concepts at the beginning. For a long time we were pursuing one of them that we have called “Focus”. We had an idea of focusing user attention and hiding all the distracting elements. And we also wanted to break off from the idea of a traditional home page and show a set of the most popular products’ pages instead of it. It involved an unusual zoom-out and zoom-in navigation.

It was finally scrapped, but we used many learnings and some elements from it in the final version.

PKO Bank Polski website
PKO Bank Polski website
PKO Bank Polski website
PKO Bank Polski website
PKO Bank Polski website
PKO Bank Polski
Product Strategy & Ideation
UX & Visual Design
Front-End Development
Back-End Development
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