Polpharma — breaking the mould in painkillers’ advertisement.
Polpharma — breaking the mould in painkillers’ advertisement

Different approach to advertising painkillers is not only possible but highly advisable. Our campaign for Metafen resulted in over 11 million of views, which increased the brand’s awareness by 150% and sales by 22%.


In case of painkillers, the communication always follows the same old path: pretended pain, which vanishes at once after the pill is taken. We have decided to challenge that myth in our Metafen ad. As it is the first medication on the Polish market that combines ibuprofen and paracetamol we decided to prove that if we can fight the pain differently, we can also advertise painkillers differently.


We disregarded the pretended pain. Our communicate was clear and plain: you reach for the pill when you are really in pain. We did not pretend that pills change your life, as we usually see in popular ads of the competitors. Our national video campaign employed, among other, rich media creation on horizontal portals, engaging YouTube video solutions. Pre‑roll type ads were broadcasted, but not only, on WWW sites of radio and TV stations and in selected lifestyle services as innovative solutions blending rich media and digital TV.


Metafen campaign „Done Differently” [original title: “Można inaczej”] was one of the biggest video campaigns for pharmaceutical sector in Poland. You Tube videos have reached over 2.8 million views and page was visited by over 300 unique users.

  • Brand awareness increased by 150%
  • Sales increased by 22%
  • Over 11 300 000 views of video
  • Over 26 000 hours of contact with the brand
  • 2 x better campaign „click-rate” than market average
  • 97% positive spot assessment
  • 150%brand awareness increase.
  • 22%increase in sales.
  • 2,7million You Tube views.
  • 26 000hours of contact with the brand.
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