WWF Poland Website.

We used Drupal 8 technology to provide new CMS for WWF Poland Foundation to present the great volume of its operations in a more transparent way.
WWF Poland Website

The Challenge.

WWF foundation requested us to create the new website. The customer wanted to refresh the visual layer of www.wwf.pl webpage and content thereon and expected our recommendations and support in replacing the old CMS with new one.

The new CMS was supposed to allow transparent presentation of all areas of the foundation’s operation and make it easier for the visitors to decide, which program of the foundation they would like to support. Moreover, it was expected to redirect visitors to pomagam.wwf.pl, where donations to selected initiative could be done easily.

Last but not least, the new CMS had a task to facilitate management of great number of materials (including photos), to support creation of content that is attractive for users and to allow its simple edition.

WWF Poland Website

The solution.

We refreshed and simplified the visual layer of the website and we implemented a totally new navigation.

First, we verified content from the old Wordpress-based CMS. Part of the content was already outdated but it made a good job for positioning the website in browsers. Unfortunately, it did no good for transparency and loading speed. So, we removed old and unnecessary content and created tens of redirections to optimize the new webpage on account of SEO and keep its good position in browsers. Moreover, loading speed went up.

Nowy serwis WWF Polska - środowisko i gatunki

Then, we improved the process of redirecting users from wwf.pl to pomagam.wwf.pl. All these steps were based on Drupal CMS adjusted to requirements we had to meet.

We selected this technology because it was easy to adjust to the customer’s needs, the content created and the way it is categorized and linked. The customer was able to easily manage media on the website and create the content in various ways. Moreover, the customer can embed elements to redirect users to other parts of the website or external services (for instance, pomagam.wwf.pl where they may donate to selected cause). Plus, new functionalities can be added, if needed.

WWF Poland Website


Changes made to the management panel added to more flexible content management and enabled Foundation employees to develop the webpage according to existing needs.

New CMS and the right visual layer of the website increased efficiency and speed thereof. It all made the website look better in the eyes of users. The new navigation made the user stay on the website much longer and therefore he/she could reach more information and be redirected to donation page more often.

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