The website of Swiss bank.

We have created the website for one of the biggest, independent banks in Switzerland.
Pictet - The website of Swiss bank

The challenge.

Pictet is one of the most recognizable banks worldwide, operating in a private banking sector. It was established in 1805 and is now one of the biggest independent banks in Switzerland with offices in 27 financial centers worldwide.

We were asked to create the website of the bank. We had to produce it in 5 language versions, with great focus on details and even more focus on the security, influenced not only by specific restrictions valid for financial institutions but also by Swiss and international law requirements.

The customer set a very clear timeframe for the completion of the task with no chance to prolong it. Furthermore, we had to carry out works in cooperation with the customer and several providers located in 5 different countries. We knew, from the very beginning, that close cooperation with all interested parties is crucial and that we had to complete all current goals in short iterations, so to be sure we focused on things most important in a given moment.

Pictet - Service integrated with over 20 external tools

The solution.


Selection of a technology was the first step to complete the project. We thoroughly analyzed one of the recommended solutions i.e. Enterprise .NET. technology CMS system, but eventually we decided to use open-source Drupal 8 in K2 distribution. Favorable relation between available options and quality vs. implementation and maintenance costs of the website was the decisive factor.

Dedicated scrum team.

We appointed a dedicated team specializing in SCRUM. We worked in two-week iterations, therefore we were able to monitor the product, to verify assumptions and to respond to changing requirements on a regular basis, and we did it together with the customer. Despite the fact that particular groups were quite dispersed (stakeholders, design, analytics, hosting) we managed to keep the work swift and effective and to implement the website before the deadline.

Complicated content management structure.

The content management part appeared quite a challenge (5 languages) due to different legal regulations. We created Content Segregation module. It exacts acceptance of a few types of legal notes.

In order to simplify exchange of information between people that manage the content we created a developed workflow, including dedicated requirements with regard to versioning of such content and possibility to disable edition of documents while they are processed. The website offers over 100 content-related modules to enable free creation of new content throughout the website.

Pictet - 100 content modules


We applied Continuous Delivery while configuring the environment to provide sufficient level of security. As a result, we limited the time needed to implement all necessary security updates.

Moreover, we applied automatic and functional tests, as well as monitoring to see the status of application and all integrations. Backup system enables to restore the last stable version of the system within 20 minutes. Because the website is used by clients worldwide and in different time zones, the support team watches the application 24/7.

Pictet - 146 functionalities monitored every 5 minutes

Optimization and integration.

The website was optimized to work in all parts of the world. The Content Delivery Network makes the website load more quickly and Webpack significantly improves efficiency of script loading.

The website is integrated with number of banking systems, so it receives the most recent data. Part of the website’s content is made accessible to banking systems. The website integration related to widely developed analytics based on Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target and Decibel was very important stage of the project’s completion.

Pictet - Fast website landing on 29 markets


During 2-year long cooperation we:

  • implemented the global banking website based on Drupal, which matches Enterprise-based solutions in terms of functional requirements, stability of operation and security,
  • implemented analytical tools (Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Decibel) and created our own analytical modules,
  • implemented monitoring of key functionalities and data integrating modules to integrate data from various external sources, and we provided support team watching the website 24/7,
  • implemented automatic and manual tests on each stage of production,
  • created, in cooperation with the customer and for the purpose of the project, the international team consisting of 6 partners working in 5 different countries.

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