Volkswagen Poznan.

We have created website for one of the biggest vehicle production plant in Poland.
Volkswagen Poznan - K2

The challenge.

Volkswagen Poznan is one of the biggest car production plant in Poland. It employs more than 11 thousand people and produces vehicles, sold later throughout the world. In 2018 we were challenged to create new website for this automotive mogul.

The website was to provide information and promote employer’s brand. The customer had one clear requirement i.e. intuitive and easy to manage CMS that would enable more dedicated functionalities to be added further in time. For example, the solution was needed to simplify handling of the plant’s sightseeing requests, as doing it traditionally by e-mail was slower and often unreliable.

Volkswagen Poland Production Plant Website

The solution.

We decided to start the whole process of creation with development of the structure and the content’s architecture. We made this stage as simple as possible by using existing Volkswagen system. We found implementation the biggest challenge.

We used Drupal 8 technology to implement the website, as it perfectly met the customer’s expectations: easy to use CMS interface in Polish language, easy content and media management, and extensive possibilities regarding edition of authorizations and access. Moreover, the solution we suggested gave great prospects for further development of the website. We used custom solutions to create sightseeing request form, including the option to select the most suitable time for the visitor, and full backend service for VW employees. The sightseeing related process is now easier, and all requests and visits can be verified and confirmed respectively using one system.

Modular design of the website had a positive impact on the content management process. Individual sections can be embedded throughout the whole website without the need to call for developer’s help. Furthermore, the recruitment process, both internal and external, can be done through the page, which is quite a material functionality. The company may, for instance, publish job offers dedicated for one selected group of people and accessible only after authorization.

Volkswagen Poland Production Plant Website


  • We created the new channel supporting internal recruitment process.
  • We simplified handling of sightseeing requests and lowered the costs related thereto.
  • We ensured low costs of website’s maintenance — with regard to infrastructure and on-going management.
Volkswagen Poznan
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