The Black Glade.

We have created the story instead of an ad.
The Black Glade.

#TheBlackGlade [#CzarnaPolana] is the project under the patronage of Żubrówka Czarna [Black Żubrówka] where artists, inspired by the Vodka production process, tell stories about union between the nature and the trade using for this purpose different forms of expressions. The first episode is about dance, music and animation.


The Poles are proud of their vodka. It is confirmed with various surveys and it is a long-lasting confirmation. But nevertheless, we mostly saved the table for foreign brands when we celebrated same major events. The cause behind this is that we have never had premium-segment vodka before. Vodka that can be proudly opened to celebrate the most important moments of our lives. Until now. Żubrówka just filled the gap ideally. It is made from the highest grade of wheat spirit, water from Bialowieza Forest and filtered with oak charcoal. It is of exceptionally mild taste. It receives the best results of all vodkas during blind tests.

The problem was how to communicate the main values of the new alcohol brand (combination of what is best in nature and trade), bearing in mind numerous legal restrictions regarding promotion of such type of brands.

The idea.

We have created the tale, instead of an ad.

„The Black Glade” tells the history of Gaia (the nature) and the craftsman (a man). First, he tries to subdue the nature, wipe it out, slay. The nature however does not submit and learns the craftsmen the craft of cooperation and respect. Finally, we see them enchanted in the lover’s dance, discovering the value of conscious and harmonious coexistence. The whole tale was inspired by the process of Zubrówka Czarna’s creation, which combines both: respect for the nature and for the craftsmanship (prior to commencement of works, the artists were invited to Polmos Bialystok and Bialowieza Forest).

The Black Glade.

The idea was created in collaboration with Tomek Bagiński, Bialystok-born and Oscar-nominated director. We have decided than not only the story itself (archetypal though) should be exceptional, but also the way it is unveiled. We have gathered a team of very talented cartoonists to combine different styles of animation in one, touching story (which was quite a challenge to direct). Cartoonists took pattern after the choreography created for this project by Katarzyna Kizior.

The Black Glade.

On top of that was the music composed by Atanas Valkov and sang by Kayah, the only Polish singer able to reflect Slavic climate of the story in such a real and natural way.

How we did it?

The movie was uploaded to Zubrówka Czarna Facebook fanpage (and to profiles of all creators of the project), and the song alone to the music streaming platforms (Spotify, Tidal, iTunes etc.). The project was communicated on Instagram as well.

The Black Glade.

The promotion of „The Black Glade” was backed up with many materials uploaded to Zubrówka and project creators’ profiles. The content was adapted to given medium, device and idea. Having believed that we were doing something exceptional we launched PR activities to draw attention of media. Recipients could visit website and read all the information about the project and creators thereof.

The Black Glade.
The Black Glade.


„The Black Glade” has quickly rooted in the main stream of pop culture. The song hit the playlists in RMF Classic, Chilli Zet, “Trójka” radio and Meloradio. It also hit TOP 50 VIRAL on Spotify and, after a few more days, the hit list of “Trójka” Radio.

The Black Glade.

The animation reverberated widely in opinion-forming media (Wprost,, Natemat etc.) and thematic media (Wybieram Kulturę, NaEkranie etc.). Moreover, the consumers’ reaction to the project was very positive (according to Brand 24, the positive sentiment amounted to 91,5%).

There have been over 1,000,000 views on Facebook so far and thousands of comments and shares — and this is but the first episode of this project!

The Black Glade.
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