Carrefour Marketplace.

We have helped to create the innovative eCommerce platform.
Platforma eCommerce Carrefour Marketplace


The client challenged us with designing the new Marketplace sales platform. The project was to enable online sales of not only products available at Carrefour’s shops but also of products of Carrefour’s partners. The client had previously used two separate websites — one for brick and mortar shops and one as eCommerce platform. We were asked to combine these two into one, unified platform.



It is obvious that e-commerce is the priority in today’s digital world, but the ability to present promotions and offers of brick and mortar stores on the website is equally important for the company such as Carrefour. We had to balance these two things well, especially in terms of navigation and the homepage.

Carrefour Marketplace homepage

Once we achieved a proper balance between online and offline offer we took the next step, i.e. designing of e-commerce website. It was quite difficult to design the sales process as we had to overcome technological limitations of marketplace platform. In addition, the project was implemented in cooperation with Carrefour French subcontractor and we had to communicate with developers, who mainly spoke French, during working on Polish language interface, which presented a little bit of a challenge itself.

Screenshots of Carrefour Marketplace


The new Carrefour marketplace website it’s a “win-win-win” situation for everybody:

  • Carrefour can display enriched offer in its shop and generate new income by letting vendors to use its digital platform.
  • Vendors do not have to create their own online shops and they obtain access to highly developed customer base.
  • Clients can buy all things in one place.
Platforma eCommerce Carrefour Marketplace
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